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Who We Are?
Nigel Birrell Fleet Management Ltd has been providing solutions for Vehicle Fleet Management since 1987. This year we have proudly reached a milestone of 25 years.As a company, we pride ourselves on providing each client with a truly bespoke and dedicated outsourced Fleet Department (working with Fleet sizes ranging from 15 to 170), as well as sourcing and supplying quality new and used cars to both Private and Corporate clients.
By definition, Fleet Management is “…the management of a company’s vehicle fleet, including cars and commercial vehicles. Fleet Management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management.”
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Pat Woodfield
Group HR Director, Bidwells LLP
Nigel Birrell Fleet Management Ltd have been running our fleet since 2001. The service we have consistently received has been reliable and friendly. The service is one of outstanding quality, tailored to our specific requirements and delivers real value-for-money. All the staff have a truly excellent focus on client care, and are willing to adapt to our requirements whenever necessary – thank you.
Gary Edmondson
Finance Director UK and Ireland, Nilfisk Advance Ltd
Nilfisk UK outsourced our fleet management to Nigel Birrell in 1996. Our relationship has remained unbroken since then and the length of our association is an illustration of the comprehensive service we have received. We find the team to be knowledgeable, reliable and friendly and believe our fleet management responsibilities are in good hands
Mark Braithwaite
Nigel Birrell Fleet Management took over the running of the Igrox fleet in 2004. Being in pest control, we are very aware of ensuring best practise and outsourcing the day to day running of our fleet to a specialist company made good sense. Six years on, we have enjoyed a very good relationship with Nigel Birrell Fleet Management and have received excellent service from them. Regular meetings ensure that both parties are fully updated on all developments such as accident statistics, driver checks, vehicle inspection reports, and all handled for us by a small efficient team. They ensure that our company has the right type of vehicle for purpose, and enjoy good relationships with manufacturers that enable us to demand better deals than would normally be available to our 100 vehicle fleet. Their knowledge of best value suppliers for all our vehicle related expenditure is also invaluable. They handle all aspects of our insurance claims, act as a day to day contact point for the drivers (including 24 hour cover) and our staff enjoy a good relationship with them. Their expertise has allowed us to concentrate on our core business, safe in the knowledge that our 100 vehicle fleet is in good hands.
Ros King
Office Manager for Anglia Case Management Ltd
Nigel Birrell and his staff offer an excellent service, efficiently and effectively managing our car fleet.