About Us

Accident Management However large or small, accidents can result in a huge amount of unbudgeted time and expenditure. Repairs need to be carefully managed to ensure the costs are fair and accurate including parts and labour, and repairing bodyshops need careful supervision to ensure the vehicle is reunited with the driver at the earliest opportunity, thus cutting down on car hire costs. There is also the time-consuming task of processing all of the administration including collating accident forms, dealing with insurers and third parties and, where necessary, pursuing uninsured losses. We interpret the results of your claims to identify methods of reducing your accident rates, improving your insurance arrangements, improving the service and support to you and your drivers, and streamlining costs. Vehicle policies have grown over the years to become more sophisticated and intricate than ever before.

Getting a policy right can result in strict cost control, lower company and driver taxation, motivated drivers, heightened staff retention, and compliance with essential health and safety regulations. The starting point for any policy review is to assess the ‘current situation’ regarding key financial, HR, operational and legal criteria and agree the ‘desired’ goals for your business, and how the fleet strategy supports that. It is an often overlooked fact that company vehicles form an integral part of overall business strategy, which is careful policy design and implementation are such a vital foundation for on-going fleet operations.